Sunrise Tsagkarada Villa

The «Sunrise Villas» are located at the traditional village of Tsagarada at the Pelion Mountain. Especially, the villas are located at the crossroads of the road axis connecting the village of Tsagarada with the "unique" beach of Fakistra. The privileged position of the villas allowed the easy access to the village squares and to the beaches of Fakistra and Mulopotamos, ensuring uninterrupted views of the Aegean Sea.

The «Sunrise Villas» are composing by two buildings, which comprising four independent guesthouses, shared pool and gazebo. The main concern of the design was the functionality of the premises for the best possible service of the "Sunrise Villas”, as well as the aesthetic and structural quality.

In the final external image of the complex an important element is the use of natural coatings (kourasani) in earthy tones and the retaining stone walls. The image complements the swimming pool, with its complementary facilities, as well as the traditional wooden roof, built on stone columns.

The design principles followed both for buildings and for outdoor configurations, are that of mild intervention and smooth integration into the natural environment with emphasis on traditional and bioclimatic architecture and the use of natural materials. At the same time, the opening of the interior to the open air and the natural environment was the main goal of the design. Specifically, emphasis was given to ensure the natural lighting of the premises and to create viable intermediate spaces by building outdoor living rooms with a pergola near the entrances of the villas. Priority was also to ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay.

Regarding the structure of the buildings, the building K1 hosted villas «Antzela» and «Daiana» and in building K2 hosted villas «Valeria» and «Valdita». The villas «Antzela» and «Valeria» are developed on two levels. On the first floor are the living quarters, a living room with a fireplace and a kitchen with dining room in a single device, a bedroom, bathroom and storage. On the second floor is the second bedroom with an internal bath and the necessary auxiliary spaces. The villas «Dajana» and «Valdita» are located on the second floor of each building. The entrances are on the north side of each building. Those residences consist of kitchen, dining room and living room with fireplace in a single device, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

These villas are organized in such a way as to provide the occupants with the required privacy, comfort and luxury. The interior decoration of the villas was made with natural materials and handmade wooden elements to make the occupants feel familiar. The coco-mat's unique quality beds have been placed in the bedrooms, complemented by the corresponding linen. The guesthouses have all the modern technologies providing an excellent living in harmony with the needs of today. The kitchens and the bathrooms are fully equipped.

The outside living areas of each villa are fully harmonized with the plants ensuring a peaceful and relaxed staying, and make a smooth transition to the interior area.